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Why Is Web Presence Important For Your Vacation Rental?

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If you are reading this post, you probably own or are considering buying rental property. Of course, you know the vacation home will need to be in good condition, is a good location, and well furnished. But there is more.

How do you intend to find renters? There are people who will jump in the car and head to a location assuming they will find something. But if there is an event going on, or if it is close to a holiday, they probably won’t find a place to stay. The bad thing is, your property could be empty. You could have had a cancellation. But they are pulling up rentals online from their smartphones.  If you are not promoting your vacation rental online, there is little chance that you will find each other.

No Surprises

When your listing is online, you can lay down the rules, in writing before they show up.  Here is the way it goes for people who do not use the power of the internet. A nice young couple meet you at the coffee shop. You tell them about the property and what is expected of them. They meet you at the house. You have told them credit cards only, but they said they forgot that part. They arrange to meet you the following day with the payment for the week.

They mention that they have a little dog that is housebroken, and they will have a couple of friends over for a BBQ Friday. The pay you with a prepaid credit card.

At the end of their stay, you go for your walk through and surprise they are gone. The yard i covered in motorcycle tracks and a dozen or so beer cans, You enter your lovely vacation home and discover their dog was indeed housebroken. He has broken the screen off the door. He has broken the leg to the nightstand. Housebroken is the right word. To make it worse, you have a prepaid credit card that has no money on it to make the repairs.

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Tools, insurance, quality applicants

Your web presence presents you as a responsible property owner. It shows you mean business like at Rentbelly do. You are responsible and the rentability of your vacation housing is preserved. You promote the values of the home and in doing so, people understand that this is your business and you will handle it in a businesslike manner. You do not have to worry about people who are professional scammers and thieves. You’re procedures (though understated) are in place to confirm what you’re told.

Make no mistake about it. A responsible vacation home renter is just as concerned about who they rent from as you are about who you rent to. It takes both of you to have the success you want.

There is great power in properly listing your vacation rental property online. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything.

It would be nice if we still lived in a world where a newspaper ad and handshake wa enough. Those days are over. But, if you get on board with the internet and the power it has, you will wonder why you ever waited. You have the power, the tools and the insurance that the people who you rent to are quality people, just like you.

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