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Top 5 Upcoming Fall Activities Around Mammoth

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Mammoth Lakes is the ideal weekend getaway location for California residents. With breathtaking natural beauty including spectacular mountain ranges, crystal clear night skies, vibrant blue lakes, and expansive valleys, this is an outdoor lover’s paradise.

Although Mammoth Lakes is worth visiting year round, the fall season is particularly awe-inspiring. From its many notable hiking trails, beautiful lakes, and extraordinary autumnal foliage, Mammoth Lakes is a wonderful place to visit from September to November. Keep reading for the top five things to do in Mammoth Lakes in the fall season.


1. Go for a hike

Mammoth Lakes is a destination designed for hikers and backpackers. This city is surrounded by 2 million acres of the Inyo National Forest, meaning it offers endless opportunities for new trails, sites, and adventures.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is home to six trailheads accessible by the local trolley. These trailheads lead to a variety of trails include the Panorama Dome Trail, Seven Lakes Point Loop, Sky Meadows Trail, TJ Lake Loop Trail, and Mammoth Pass Trail.

If you are seeking quality hiking locations just outside of Mammoth Lake, look no further than Convict Canyon. Enjoy a relaxing walk around Convict Lake or choose a more strenuous route along Sevehah Cliff, located along the base of Laurel Mountain.

For prime fall foliage sightseeing, take the 2.5 mile (5 mile round trip) Mammoth Rock Trail. This trailhead is located at the end of Old Mammoth Road and features a beautiful valley view with aspen, willow, and lush pine forests.

2. Try a new outdoor activity

A trip to Mammoth Lakes is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Give biking a try on one of the many trails and roads that wind throughout the scenic landscape. There are opportunities for all skill levels including paved roads throughout town or more strenuous trails that lead to breathtaking views.

If you are looking for a way to relax while enjoying the great outdoors, cast a reel and catch some fish. Mammoth Lakes is named for its many alpine lakes, reservoirs, creeks, and streams. Its waters contain brookies, brown trout, rainbow trout, and golden trout. Fishing in Mammoth Lakes is a perfect activity for a relaxing fall day whether you post up on the shore or set sail and lure in your catch from a boat.


3. Hang out lakeside


Mammoth Lakes is a town that lives up to its name. In fact, the lakes in Mammoth Lakes are known to be some of the most incredible in the world, making this a phenomenal place to camp or take a day trip. The lakes in this region are divided into three groups: Mammoth Lakes Basin, Upper Lakes Basin, and June Lake Loop.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is the ideal place to enjoy the eastern Sierra Mountains. Included in the basin are Lake George, Lake Mamie, Lake Mary, Twin Lakes, Horseshoe Lake, and Upper Lakes Basin. Each lake offers its own amenities so do some research in order to find the perfect spot for you and your family.


The Upper Lakes Basin includes McLeod and Barrett Lakes, Crystal Lake, and Skeleton and TJ Lakes. This region is a little smaller than the Mammoth Lakes Basin, making it easier to explore every waterway.

While June Lake Loop is a touch north of Mammoth Lakes, it’s still worth a visit. June Lake, Gull Lake, Grant Lake, and Silver Lake offer fantastic fishing and sweeping views of the alpine basin.


4. Take a day trip

If you are itching to get out of town, take a short day trip to nearby Reno, NV. This family-friendly city is just a three hour drive away and has plenty of fall activities to offer. Spend an afternoon at the May Arboretum and enjoy beautiful outdoor courtyards, gardens, and autumn foliage.

Go for a hike to spot local wildlife including bighorn sheep, falcons, kingfishers, weasels, and more. Once the sun goes down, stop by Washoe State Lake Park to marvel at the stars and planets.

5. Go for a scenic drive

Any of the passes traveling through Mammoth Lakes prove to be a wonderful place to observe the fall foliage. However, if you are looking to dedicate an afternoon to tour the autumnal brilliance of this region, there are three specific drives that attract tourists each year.

For those who would like to stay close by, the Mammoth Scenic Loop awaits. This 2-hour drive follows a paved roadway surrounded with aspen and passes by the Inyo Craters interpretive site. Venture a little out of town for the June Lakes Loop. This drive offers grand views of vibrant trees around alpine lakes, a distant view of Carson Peak, and public picnic areas surrounded by aspen and cottonwood trees. In town, The Mammoth Lakes Basin offers a different vantage point as adventurers marvel at the mountains and foliage from below.

Written by Jeremy Alderman



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