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Things to Do Around Mammoth Lakes Before Spring

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Rippling streams of blue, snow-frosted mountain tops, and crisp, evergreen trees standing high above the ground. Only a few hours outside of Lake Tahoe, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains lies Mammoth Lakes. Prepare for your breath to be taken away as you soak in this natural wonderland. Mammoth Lakes is a display of natural beauty year-round, but is truly mesmerizing in the winter. Before the snow melts and flowers bloom, travel around Mammoth Lakes for some winter fun and scenic views unlike any other.

Mammoth Lakes

Hit the Slopes

You might think Colorado is the place to go for all your snow-filled winter adventures, but Mammoth Lakes is the perfect place for a winter getaway. The snowy California slopes were made for skiing and snowboarding. Be prepared to strap on your gear and go soaring down Mammoth Mountain. Whether you’re a skiing novice or a mountain master, put your skills to the test. Spend the day on the slopes, or turn it into a week of shredding it up. You can find different ticket package options here. If you want to get the experience of being on the mountain without the intensity of skiing, you can also rent out cross-country skis and glide along the trails.

Catch the View from the Top

Not quite ready for the rush of zooming down a mountain? Hitch a ride up to the top of the Mammoth Mountain on the gondola and take in the scenery. You will have the best seat – and view – in the house as you glide up alongside the mountain. The panoramic viewof the mountain skyline is enough to take your breath away and make your trip one to remember. Sit back and relax as you watch the skiers zooming by.

Winter Fishing

If fishing is your forte then you are in luck, because even in the winter you can fish in Mammoth Lakes. You won’t have to huddle up as you drop your line into a ice hole, but you will want to bundle up. Otherwise picture your normal fishing experience, with a little bit of snow sprinkled around. Winter fishing is a popular activity in this area with three main fisheries to choose from.

Visit Devils Postpile

Devils Postpile may not exclusively be a winter attraction, but it’s definitely worth the visit if you can stand a trek through the snow. Devils Postpile is a national monument which protects the rock formation for which its named. The rapid waterfalls and precisely carved rock add even more beauty to the Mammoth Lake area. When it isn’t too frigid out, you can even camp out at the monument.

Tour the Museums

There are a couple unique museums that capture the history of Mammoth Lakes. Visit the Mammoth Ski Museum, which holds over 500 years worth of skiing history. Take a break from the slopes and learn more about the sport of skiing and how it has evolved over time. The museum is known for the Beeker Collection, which contains roughly 10,000 pieces of photography, paintings, and literature. If your trip extends into the spring, be sure to also stop by the Hayden Cabin which portrays the history of Mammoth Lakes over the last 90 years. Both museums are free to visit.

Indoor Adventure

If you don’t want to brave the cold but still want the adrenaline rush you might get from skiing, check out some of the fun indoor activities in Mammoth Lakes that can be enjoyed year-round. Strengthen your body while bouncing around at the Mammoth Alpine Trampoline Club. Trampolining is the perfect way to train your body for the slopes before you set out to snowboard or ski. Plus, it’s just fun to bounce around like a kid sometimes.


Another great way to see Mammoth Lakes from indoors is at the Eleven53 Interpretive Center. The center is positioned among the Sierra Nevada Range, looking down over the town of Mammoth Lakes. There is no better way to see the beauty that is Mammoth Lakes. Stay warm and cozy as you gaze with wonder at the snow-topped mountains, and hollow valley.

Think you’re ready to set out on an adventure filled with shredding the slopes and exploring the natural beauty of Mammoth Lakes? Bundle up and prepare for a winter trip that’s anything but boring. Just one look at the endless mountains and valleys of Mammoth Lakes and you won’t want to leave. See the town in it’s true element before winter ends for some remarkable views and winter sports. Then once the snow begins to melt and the sun shines a little brighter, return to Mammoth Lakes to see what the other seasons have to offer. This natural haven is stunning all year long and is full of scenic outdoor spots for recreation.

Written by Jeremy Alderman

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