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Summertime in Mammoth

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McLeod Lake

Summertime in Mammoth Lakes is a truly special experience. Ask any local and they’ll gladly tell you what a welcome contrast summer brings here even after a great ski season.  In the past, Mammoth was always known for being a spectacular destination for skiing and winter sports. Over the years Mammoth’s reputation for it’s magical and intoxicating summer has grown and more people have discovered how incredible it is to be here this time of year. The record heat in much of the nation at this time only underscores the wonder of life at 8,000 ft during our beautiful summers. As winter has given way to our summer’s warm, fragrant breezes and delightfully cool, starry evenings it is clear that some of California’s very best experiences can be found right here.

McLeod Lake 2Anyone interested in lush green meadows, full of wildflowers and sparkling streams will not have to go far. Just the short, easy trip around Mammoth Meadow will provide that and more. I haven’t made it around the loop once without being observed by the deer from the slopes above. Hidden Lake is full, the meadow is gorgeous and the snow melt from the high country is filling the lakes and streams to a degree not seen in years.

One of the best aspects of summer’s arrival here is the sheer number and variety of things to do and places to go. An entire summer is not sufficient to experience all there is to see and do here. When I was younger, Mammoth became very quiet with the end of the ski season and mostly stayed that way. Now the proliferation of events in and around town has attracted visitors from all over the world and created a vibrant, rich lifestyle and range of activities for visitors and residents.

When I think of summer in the Eastern Sierra , I think of floatingArrowhead Lake down the cool Owens River on a hot sunny day. I think of hiking on warm nights by the light of the full moon and watching the fluff from the cottonwood trees floating on the breeze down by the river.

I’m already picking out the high perch that I’ll will watch the Perseid meteor shower from this August.

I love crisp, clear fall days and I’ll be glad to take my first run when the mountain opens next season but for now, I’m savoring every moment of this amazing summer.

For a taste of what’s going on here this summer, take a look here:


Twin LakesSubmitted by David and Jennifer Fickenscher

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