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Spain Trip Part 3

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So we get on the ferry back to Spain were we get our car, by this time its 9pm and I arranged to meet with an old college friend just up the road about 100 miles away. We met with him for a nothing special dinner and to say hi but since it was getting so late we bailed after only a short while. From there we drove another 100 miles back to Sevilla. This is where we set up camp at the same hotel as we did the first time. When we woke up the sun was out and we began to just wander. This was not my favorite place of the trip as it just felt like everything was crammed together. Our hotel could have easily been missed as it was down off the street in a basement of some sorts as the main floor. But there were definitely some sights to see such as the largest Gothic Cathedral in Spain and a huge art gallery displaying a bunch of the history of Spain. We spent the majority of the day wandering before our flight out to Madrid. We arrived in Madrid and immediately hop onto the metro to our hotel. The hotel was great centrally located in the city right next to the huge opera center. We get settled in before we head out to dinner. This is where we first get to try paella. This dish isn’t really anything special just basically a meat mixed with seasoned rice with a couple other additives. After dinner we head in to call it a night after the full day of traveling and sightseeing.

We wake up and eat in our hotel. Today’s agenda includes a walking tour of a whole list of city sights. We meet the tour at Plaza Mayor which is not far from our hotel but is a cool little hang out with people running around some trying to make a living selling whatever junk they can to tourists or just entertaining people with a show. Some of the more interesting entertainment is people dressing up as statues and then literally standing in the same pose for hours without moving. They get so into the gig that some even have props that they end up holding the entire time as well. One of my favorites was two guys dressed up all blacked out but carrying a torch. The only thing I could think of is how crazy it would be to have to carry that torch for an entire day. Once we all get rounded up we begin the tour. We walk around for about a couple hours and we see the royal palace as well as a cathedral and really get a feel for the city as well as more of the history. We learned what a tapa was which is pretty much a snack sized portion of a meal. The meaning comes when a king of Spain realized that poor farmers could barely afford a meal plus a beer so he made it so they could afford both. The reason they are called tapas is due to the fact that in Spain they would have sand storms and so the smaller sized portions were perfect to put over your beer to protect from getting sand in your beer. After the walking tour we go out for drinks and to enjoy the scenery. Madrid has a ton of plazas that all have their own feel. After we go back and get ready to go out for the night. We end up going to a Cuban restaurant that was recommended to us from a friend. The restaurant has a live band playing and people soon begin to get up dancing. We enjoy the music and stay for a couple hours before we head back.

By Jason Ecker / jason@rpexperts.com

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