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Snow Removal Service in Mammoth Lakes

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Mmth Mtn from EQ Dome

The pros and cons of hiring a Snow Removal Service in Mammoth:

I’m staring at a foot of snow on the driveway that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It is heavy, wet and sticky and it’s a challenge that I have (foolishly) given myself. We did not hire a snow removal service this year.  For the past three winters we have paid, what seemed at the time, a reasonable amount to have a bobcat come and plow our driveway clean after each times is snows six inches. However, over the past three years the snowplow service cleared off our driveway less and less frequently. Last year, he only came three times. Because of the nature of the work, most of the services in town charge a reasonable flat rate each year that we pay for in advance. Four years ago, when our plow guy was in our driveway at least once every week the flat rate was a really good deal. But last year, we were paying $250 per swipe this was not a good deal, but what could we do?

So this year, we decided to a. tempt fate and b. save money.   Well, El Nino predictors were right (You’re welcome, California!) and now there is a huge a mess in the driveway. Before this week I didn’t have much to worry about. Every snowy morning while I was making coffee and getting the kids ready for school, my husband would be quickly clearing the driveway with our trusty snow blower. Today, however, the snowblower is just saying “no” to the Sierra cement in the driveway. After making several trips to Napa Auto Parts and typing “what to do if my snowblower won’t start” into Google and Youtube, I can hear our (mostly) trusty snow blower making the driveway clean again. *Fingers crossed* I remind myself that the skiing is great.  (& If you ever opt for this route, make sure you have extra parts handy)

Hopefully this weather trend will continue through April. (I’m looking forward to Mammoth living up to its’ name…. And by the time I write this our snowblower will be back up to full strength. What will next year look like? I think we’ll definitely be hiring the plow service back, because some of that spare $750 is going toward a good massage.

For snow removal service in Mammoth contact:

Tim’s Snow Removal

Steve Hansen Snow Removal

and our favorite weather forecast site: Mammoth NOAA

Submitted by Nicole Godoy (after getting in a few runs, because I could get there!)




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