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Big Pine, CA Real Estate

Big Pine, CA is an area of roughly 3 square miles in Inyo Countain, California of the southwestern United States. Big Pine is around 15 miles south of Bishop and has an altitude nearly 4,000 feet. It is home to roughly 1,700 people (per the 2010 census) and is nestled between the northern portion of the world-famous Death Valley to the East and the connection of Yosemite National and the northern Sequoia National (Innyo National and Kings Canyon National) Parks and Forests to the West. Big Pine is an area that most Los Angeles residents must pass through on their way to the Mammoth Lakes area to the Northwest. It also fairly close to Las Vegas, Nevada, with a trip that will take slightly less than five hours to make.

Owning a piece of Big Pine, CA real estate allows you to take advantage of the many fun things to do and places to visit within the area. There are a multitude of streams and high mountain lakes not fare from Big Pine where trout is specialty. For rock-hounds and geological enthusiasts the combination of ancient glaciated landscapes and volcanic areas create an area ripe with numerous rock types and terrain for viewing and possibly collecting. Hiking is also plentiful with numerous trails throughout the Mammoth, Big Pine Volcanic Fields, Crater Mountain, Alabama hills and the many previously mentioned national forests and parks.

The area has many opportunities through various Big Pine, CA real estate listings which features homes from the small to the large. Whether you are using the property as a permanent residents or vacation home, a simple small base camping or a sprawling vacation area, Big Pine will have much to offer you. Experience the diversity and rich history of this area between the Sierra Nevada’s and White Mountains, just west of the Owens River.

Big Pine is located south of Bishop in California’s Sierra Nevada’s. We are proud to represent the area as specialists in resort real estate in and around the Mammoth area including Big Pine. Contact Us today for more information on Big Pine Real Estate.