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Mammoth Lakes Fractional Ownership

Many confuse timeshares with fractional ownership but they are in fact very different. The two differ in terms of ownership, property usage and amenities. A timeshare is usually reserved for one particular week of the year is usually a standard condominium. With fractional ownership, you own a deeded interest that can be resold in the same method as any other piece of real estate. The amount of time at the property is guaranteed, but unlike a timeshare you can plan it for different times each year. Fractional ownership also offers space available usage, which means that when a property is vacant, any owner can request additional usage in one week increments at anytime. Space Available Usage incurs no other fees besides the standard cleaning fee per stay. In Mammoth Lakes, Fractional Ownership properties are very high end condos including furnishings, amenities and services. Contact us today for more information on Mammoth Lakes Fractional Ownership Properties 1-888-361-4449. Visit our homepage for more info on Mammoth Lakes Real Estate.

Two areas are very popular for Fractional Ownership in Mammoth Lakes, California. They are Juniper Springs and June Lake. Juniper Springs Condominiums are a popular choice for Fractional Ownership programs in the Mammoth area. June Lake is one of the most popular area for vacation rentals and so therefore is also popular for Fractional Ownership Real Estate. Find more information about Fractional Ownership in Mammoth Lakes, California by Contacting Us or searching our Property Search page.