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Mammoth Mountain

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What type of person does Mammoth Mountain attract?   Who do these slopes call to its amazing terrain?  Mammoth brings the most knowledgeable and experienced skiers and riders in the world in addition to families and athletes across the nation.
I have never seen a winter quite like this one since I have resided here. We have suffered a national drought of historical proportions. We saw it every night on the national news and you saw it too. The limited snowfall and mild temperatures virtually eliminated winter from the national consciousness.

This has been a tough season to give the avid skier and snowboarder the Mammoth Mountain experience we are so proud to provide.On a positive note, Mammoth Mountain has continued to make snow and spread it around in order to open the whole mountain and will continue to stay open.   This season you can count on Mammoth Mountain to keep the whole mountain open along with Canyon Lodge, Eagle Lodge through the upcoming spring break holidays.   The lifts and runs from the Main Lodge to the top of the mountain will stay open for absolutely as long as the snow allows, hopefully through May and well into June.

Mammoth Mountain terrain brings a host of professional, Olympic and collegiate champion athletes year round, not to mention our culture of athletes include many gifted amateurs who reside here fulltime.   On any given morning or evening the unnamed athletes are out in all-weather training for something or another because high altitude training is the ultimate in preparation for any given athletic sport.  


With that said, has the weather or lack thereof affected Mammoth Lakes as a whole? Absolutely! 

Mammoth Lakes Resort Community is and will continue to be the ultimate resort destination for all. If you look in the mirror and see what Mammoth really has to offer I think you will find there truly are gifts that come from what appears to be unfortunate circumstances beyond our control.   Her name is Mother Nature and she will be paying us a visit sooner than we think…perhaps this weekend!  With forecasts calling for 3-4 feet of snow we could still have our best powder days in March!  For updated conditions and snowfall amounts, and for more information about Mammoth Mountain, visit their official website at www.Mammothmountain.com!   By Maggie

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