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Mammoth Lakes Recent News

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Mammoth Lakes Planning Commission

Mammoth Lakes Realtor MickeyThe Town Council of Mammoth Lakes recently appointed Madeleine “Mickey” Brown to a three year term as Planning Commissioner. In a recent interview she stated that “I feel strongly that our town is at a crossroads and that we all have an invested interest in its future. I want to use my talents to contribute to that future.” Additionally, she is serving on the Economic Stimulus Council which is a private/public partnership to promote economic recovery through the creation of jobs; attraction and retention of new business; and stimulation of economic activity and investment in Mammoth Lakes. The town’s economy needs to be as vibrant as its beauty. Read more about Mammoth Lakes Realtor Mickey Brown.

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Mammoth Lakes Mountain Bike ParkMammoth Mountain’s Bike Park is now staying open through October 2nd for extended rising on just Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. But if you want to keep the legs strong for ski season, right now the weather is getting perfect out in Moab, Utah. The mountain biking there is phenomenal with beautiful scenery and challenging trails. So don’t give up on the biking just yet and plan yourself a road trip out to Moab while waiting for Mammoth Mountain to open their 2011/2012 winter ski season. And if you do end up in Moab with your cross country bike, the opportunities are endless. But if all you have is a downhill rig, then shuttle The Whole Enchilada Trail….it’ll be the best 30 miles of biking you’ve ever done!

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