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Mammoth Lakes, a Paradise for Pets!

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13690652_10154431025001385_9063325586012416475_nAre you a dog owner or a dog lover? Well then Mammoth Lakes is the place for you. With all of the boundless opportunities there are here, many of them are just as incredible for you as they are for your four-legged family members. You’ve likely heard about many of the trails, lakes, restaurants, and other local attractions that you are sure to love, but have you heard about all of the ones your dogs are sure to love. Here are some of our pup’s favorite places around the area and some of the reasons why we have all come to love Mammoth Lakes.

First and foremost, our favorite is Upper Rock Creek. This hike is not only beautiful but on a hot day there is lake after lake for you’re dog to jump into to stay cool. Convict Lake has 2 different trails …the loop around the lake, which of course also has a lake for your pup to swim in: and up to the top of the mountain. If you would like to take a less strenuous stroll the town of Mammoth Lakes has it owns trails through the community. The community trails is posted at the visitors center and many other areas throughout town. Many other trails throughout the community include the Shady Rest trail or the town loop out to the Sherwin’s. You can also head out to Reds Meadow, which is on the other side of our amazing ski mountain. During the day you can ride the shuttle into the Park. An important fact to know is that the shuttle does require you to have a muzzle on your dog. If you would like to wait til after 6 you can drive your own car down which doesn’t require a muzzle. Reds Meadow has several different hikes from Rainbow Falls to Devils Postpile.

Mammoth has so many fabulous activities to take your dog with you to be able to enjoy the area. I only hit a handle full of hikes that we have started to enjoy. I am attaching a link for all of the hikes in the area: https://www.mammothtrails.org/trails. Please research the different hikes and make sure the while hiking you have enough water for you and your dog and have a wonderful time exploring.

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