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Making the Most of a Move to a New City

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A move is difficult on everyone. However, much of the stress surrounding a move is often focused on the physical move itself — the process of packing up an old home and transitioning into a new place. Much less focus or preparation is put on how everyone will become accustomed to their new home. Different people may experience a range of difficulties as they attempt to feel comfortable in their new town. With that in mind, here are some smart tips that will help you start to settle into your new home, as well as some advice on exploring your new city and meeting people for the first time.

Settling Into Your New Home

The first thing you should do is get to know your home’s safety features and amenities. While it may seem basic, it is important to know how the locks work, how easily the windows open, and so on in the event of an emergency. Try to unpack as quickly as possible so you can spend more time designing the layout of your new home. Go one room at a time, making each area exactly how you like it. Be sure to incorporate places to store loose papers and trinkets so that you can prevent clutter from forming as soon as you arrive.

Also, keep track of all of your paperwork. At this stage, the information about your utilities, local contacts, and important places to know will be crucial to increasing your comfort levels.

Getting to Know Your New City

At the same time as you are settling into your new home, you should take some time to get to know your new town. Whether you are in a residential neighborhood or the heart of the city, there are certain things you should do to become part of the community. For example, once your home is clear of boxes and nicely designed, host an open house to meet your neighbors. Be sure to talk to people and invite them over for dinner one night so you can get to know them better. Use them as resources — find out which restaurants and grocery stores are the best, then spend a week eating and shopping like a local to get the feel of the town.

Make It an Adventure

Of course, moving to a new place can be exciting, so why not embrace your adventurous side? If you have a dog, take him on a walk to get him familiar with the sights and sounds of your new town. As a bonus, you may meet other friendly dog owners in the area who can point you toward exciting things to do and places to go, such as nearby dog parks. If you do plan to take your dog to a dog park, make sure your dog is properly protected. Research the dog park first, then make sure your dog is vaccinated and microchipped.

Once you’ve started to explore, make an effort to go a little deeper. For example, if you’re in California, the town of Mammoth Lakes is full of adventure, with great spots for hiking, backpacking, and art exploration. The nearby Mammoth Mountain is a great skiing and snowboarding location, with resting snow that occasionally lasts well into July. For more variety in your topography and cultural exploration, you could venture to the Eastern Sierra region, a land of extremes in both temperature and elevation.

If you have recently moved to a new city, congratulations! Start by settling into your home, then feel free to explore your town and experience everything the surrounding regions have to offer.

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Author: Suzie Wilson   info@happierhome.net    Happier Home

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