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Getting Ready for Winter in Mammoth Lakes

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I’m going to get ready for winter… no really!

It happens around the same time every year in the Eastern Sierra summer nights start getting longer and little cooler the morning walk is nice and  crisp. Fall is in the air and before you know it winter is upon us. Every year we say to ourselves “next year I’m going to be ready” and here we are it’s time to get it done. So where to start? What’s the first thing to do?

bestmammothlakeshomes.com John Meister

First make a list of what you didn’t get done last year that would make life easier this winter. Next make a list of what you did get done. Is there anything you don’t need to do again this year? Now let’s put the two together start with outside chores and then move inside.

Here is what my list looks like:

  1. Get firewood ordered or head out to the woods and get to work: I did this myself in Mammoth for a long time but as I get older it’s just easier to go ahead and pay someone else for this one.  G.C. Firewood
  1. Take a look around your home and start at the top and work your way down: How is the roof? Are there any possible areas of concern? Missing sealant around the stove pipe? Is there anything lose that can be addressed now to avoid an emergency service call in a storm?
  1. Windows and doors: I like to start with checking caulking around the windows. As I move around the house I’m looking for anything that could use a little more or anywhere water could get in under the siding. As when the water gets in and freezes it expands and causes damage. Doors are pretty easy. check the threshold is it still making contact with the bottom of the door and next check the weather stripping. Realtors choice handyman
  1. Don’t forget about your sprinkler systems: Shut off the water supply and have the system blown out to get as much water out as possible.
  1. Check your driveway: seal any cracks.


Let’s go inside…

  1. When was the last time you had the chimney pipe cleaned out? If you’re not sure, go ahead and make the call to get it done. Flue fires are no joke and you don’t what this to ever happen to you. I can tell you from the years I spent as fireman with Mammoth Lakes Fire Department it happens at night in the middle of a big storm so hire a pro for this one. Clean sweep Angelo’s Stove & Chimney
  1. What about the electric wall heaters: When was the last time they were cleaned? If you have forced air, go ahead a install a new filter. If it’s your primary heat go-ahead and get an extra filter to change mid-winter.
  1. Give the place a good cleaning: It’s anyways nice to be able to have the windows open for this and don’t forget to move the furniture away from any of the sources of heat.


For a full list of our preferred vendors contact me at Best Mammoth Lakes Homes or at (760) 709-1923.

Submitted by John Meister

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