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From Mammoth Lakes, CA to Beatty, NV

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For those of you that know where Beatty, Nevada is, I’m guessing that the first thing that comes to mind for most is the huge candy store you pass: Death Valley Nut & Candy Co.  Or perhaps you think of Beatty as the east entrance to Death Valley.  Or perhaps it’s just a place for you to get some gas to and from your road trips to Las Vegas.

Well for me, and thanks to Dave Spicer, Beatty is so much more!  If you love your mountain bike the way I do, and try to take it everywhere with you, well then you need to stop the car and get out on a pedal when you are passing through Beatty.  Or better yet, plan a trip there and make it your destination!

So there in Beatty lies an awesome man name Dave Spicer of the Spicer Ranch.  Dave himself is an avid mountain biker and has been kind enough to take his 100’s of acres at and create the “Spicer Ranch Trail System”!  This is an extensive mountain biking and hiking trail system with about a dozen different trails that tie into the Transvaal Trail System managed by the BLM.  Trails consist of everything from Easy beginner trails to More Difficult.

I have ridden the Spicer Ranch Trails twice and they are fast, flowy, scenic and fun!  This area is now my go-to for breaking up my drive between Mammoth Lakes and Las Vegas.  It splits the drive in half and allows me to get out of the car and jump on my bike for an hour or two or three.  And I love the spring dessert riding when the cactus are in bloom!  And then in the fall months when the Mammoth trails are getting covered with snow, this is the ideal getaway!

But when it comes to Dave’s passion to give back to the world, it doesn’t just end there!  Dave has built out bathrooms, showers, a grassy camping area and a stage for events on his property.  And here is the best part: it’s all absolutely free!  All Dave wants is for fellow hikers and bikers to come visit the amazing town of Beatty and visit his land for your personal recreation and enjoyment.  At the designated parking area there are trail maps and a donation box.
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Come visit Beatty, say hello to Dave, get some riding in, and go explore the vast history of this area and learn more about our country’s mining history.  Keep your eye out for the endangered Desert Tortoise.

Get more info at: http://trails-ov.org/spicer-ranch-trail-system/

Or checkout the Spicer Ranch Trails at MTB Project:

Direction to Spice Ranch:

Brochure and Full Info:

Lastly, keep an ear open for the 3rd Annual “Beatty Trails Beer and Taco Mountain Bike Festival” held each spring.  I happened to be passing by Beatty for the 2nd annual and discovered this party by sheer accident.  Boy was a pleased!  Talk about a good time with good music, great food, and epic single-track riding.

Written by Eric Leach
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