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Fall in Mammoth Lakes

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fall photo 2015

As excited as I am for snow, I wasn’t so excited when it decided to mess with my plans for outdoor family photos. Every other year, in the fall, we get our family portraits done to capture the fall colors. So we planned to take our family photos with JoAnna Forsythe on Saturday. As Saturday approached, so did the threat of a storm. We rescheduled for Tuesday, and as Tuesday approached, so did another storm. Instead of a storm we got the perfect weather for photography. As the kids posed in the aspen trees (They actually cooperated this year) the sun peeked in and out of the clouds surrounding our snow capped mountains. Every minute there was a fresh background on our mountain paradise, revealing new colors and highlighting different spots all around us. As the sun went down, we were forced to call it quits because of the cold, but I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Feeling the chill in the air is just a subtle reminder that Mammoth Lakes is a year-round resort. Mono County and Mammoth Lakes and hotspots in and around Highway 395, have become the latest for Fall color destinations. Reviewing Facebook photos from www.CaliforniaFallColor.com reminded me that’s it’s that time of year again. Local shops and restaurants are buzzing with people from all over the world to see the fall colors. Walking the aisles at the local grocery store I heard French, Italian, Chinese, English (with a British accent), Spanish, and Russian (? It might have been Polish). For the past several years, Mammoth and Mono County’s foliage have been written up in several major newspapers and magazines as a “must see.” The experts are correct? our trees and vistas are spectacular.

Convict Lake


Mammoth Mountain got dustings with both storms and skiers and snowboarders squealed with delight at the prospect that the Godzilla El Nino might come to fruition. What do you think? – the weather service is banking on it and I think many Californians are as well. After the past few seasons it is about time for Mother Nature to give us huge piles of snow in town and crisp powder on all our ski runs.

back of ConvictBefore the snow comes its daily dog walks with my puppy Tasha. Our hikes in the woods has lent itself to some amazing views of the fall colors as they peak. Check out my Facebook Group: “Where did you hike your dog today?” for photos of our latest adventures. You can also post your favorite dog hike photos on this page – would love to see where you are seeing Fall Colors with your dog!

We aren’t the only ones taking in the last days of autumn. There was a Mama bear and her three cubs enjoying the fall weather across the street from my house – she looked healthy and so did the cubs – ready for a good winter’s nap. I hope they don’t make a den under my deck!

Submitted by Nicole Godoy

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