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Eastern Sierra Bike Trails – Mammoth Lakes

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When visiting the town of Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierra there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the amount of trails that surround the area for both the mountain bike and road bike enthusiast. While Mammoth Mountain is known for its massive mountain bike park open during the summer months that is absolutely breathe taking, the Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public access have over the years been able to provide great bike paths and trails throughout the town. Not to mention these paved paths and trails are free if you’re looking to dodge the costs that come along with getting a bike pass for the mountains bike park. For someone coming to visit Mammoth in the summer this is a also a great way to get around town and explore, being that the town is only so big, and the scenery is well worth the little extra work of peddling rather than caravanning around.

Where ever it is you’re planning to stay in town when visiting this area of the Eastern Sierra, the main bike path off of Main Street that’s heads up Lake Mary Road towards the Lakes Basin is the perfect place to start your bike tour. From this main path you can choose to take your mountain bike, finding trails of all sorts that shoot off the path and spit you out by Little Eagle or Old Mammoth. Or you can choose to take your road bike and stay on the paved bike path that twists and turns all the way to Horseshoe Lake. This ride is great peddle uphill, but offers views of several gorgeous lakes and spectacular views of the Mammoth Lakes area. I personally enjoy using my mountain bike for this ride and the local bike paths so you have the option to take off on any trails you might find along your way. Another great ride is up Minaret Road past Main Lodge to the Minaret Vista, while the ride is a strenuous uphill climb, the views and scenery of the Eastern Sierra once you get to the Minaret Vista makes it all worth it. Heading in the opposite direction towards Shady Rest Park, you’ll find a paved trail that takes you down into the park where there are endless dirt trails; great for mountain biking and building up endurance as some of the trails are a little sander than those in the Lakes Basin. You can find additional details on the many more bike paths and trails in the area as well as maps for both the local trail system and Mammoth Mountain’s bike park here


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