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Eastern Tent Caterpillars

After ten years of living in the Eastern Sierra, I’ve begun to notice year after year an interesting cycle in nature found on all the sage brush we have through the Mammoth Lakes area and the entire Eastern Sierra for that matter.  Each spring, a significant amount of the sage brush that covers our lands seems to be occupied by numerous spider web-like growths.  Within each of those webs are thousands of little black dots… Read more.

Town of Mammoth Lakes New Woodstove Insert Requirements

Town of Mammoth Lakes New Woodstove Insert Requirements Are you aware that the Town of Mammoth Lakes recently passed a new ordinance requiring that all wood-burning stove inserts be upgraded?  And are you aware of how this will affect you if you are considering purchasing or selling a home or condominium in Mammoth? On March 20, 2013, the Town of Mammoth Lakes Town Council passed Ordinance Number 15.04.140, which states that “a minimum of 48… Read more.

Mammoth Lakes Bowling Alley

BOWLING?!??!?! There is always that challenge of “what to do?” in the evening times during those winter months in a mountain town.  With the sun setting around 5pm, we all get cooped up in our homes (or some bar) after a long day of skiing or working.  In my case, it’s usually trying to balance the two by getting in an hour or two of skiing on my work days.  I like to consider Mammoth… Read more.

Spring is in the Air

It’s Spring in the Eastern Sierra!  Bishop’s fruit trees and flowers in bloom and Death Valley’s wildflower show has started.  Warmer temperatures and sunny skies are turning people’s thoughts to outdoor activities not geared toward snow play.  Fishing season opens at the end of April and the June Lake Loop is already snow-free and open, most lakes are without ice. If you are an avid fisherman or fisherwoman, and cannot wait until then, the Owens… Read more.

Clean Up Your Snowman!

Who can’t appreciate a good snowman? I don’t know about you, but I can remember being a kid and having mom and dad help me build my first snowman.  We would start with body and work on making that first part just about as big of a snowball as possible.  From there we would make two more massive snowballs, both just slightly smaller than the previous.  That’s when dad’s job became crucial.  He would grab… Read more.

Cross Country Skiing in Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Nordic Community Trail System Looking for an alternative to downhill skiing or to the steep hills of Tamarack Cross Country ski area?  Next time you are visiting Mammoth Lakes be sure to check out our community groomed trail system at Shady Rest!  This trail system, conveniently located in the center of our little Town, boasts 9 miles of groomed cross country ski trails on easy terrain.  The trails, which are groomed with both tracks… Read more.

California Highway 395

U.S. Highway 395 There are a lot of roads that have special significance but for me it has always been 395 between Los Angeles and Mammoth Lakes. I learned how to drive on that road when it was mostly a two lane highway and the average trip time was 8-hours. My dad was an engineer by training and he had a precise method for everything. Initially, he made me count while he was driving as… Read more.

Are We In A Housing Shortage?

It 2013 now and let’s take a quick glimpse backwards.  We’ve gotten through the elections, we’ve avoided an economic depression despite the recent years of a recession, the Mayan calendar ended and we didn’t vanish from thin air, and we made it through new Years without anyone falling off cliff named ‘Fiscal’!  And now that all this is behind us, I’m really starting to see some consumer confidence with regards to home buying in Mammoth… Read more.

Winter is in Full Swing!

  WINTER IN FULL SWING – SNOW BRINGS RECORD VISITORS TO TOWN Truly a “December to Remember”, the Mammoth Lakes area received the second highest snowfall in December since records have been kept.  A total of 147.1 inches fell at Mammoth Mountain, with other areas nearby receiving more or less depending on elevation.  At Mammoth Pass, 15 feet of snow was measured as of January 2nd, and while it may seem like a lot, the… Read more.

Massage in Mammoth

As most are aware, Mammoth living is not for the faint of heart. Locals, and visitors alike, are all about getting after some action, whether it be on our skiis or snowboards in the fresh powder (of which there is plenty of at the moment) at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, climbing around Bishop on warmer winter days, or in the backcountry on our cross-country skis, dogs by our sides. Some of us even like to… Read more.