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Movies Filmed in Mammoth Lakes

  In honor of the Mammoth Lakes Film Festival occurring May 25th-29th, I decided to take a look back at Mammoth Lake’s long and storied history with film. With unparalleled natural beauty and a relatively close proximity to Hollywood, Mammoth Lakes has been a destination for directors since the 1940s. Here’s a rundown of some of the most famous movies to be shot in our beautiful town. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Produced… Read more.

Mammoth Lakes Basin & Reds Meadow Road Openings 2016

El Niño may not have brought us as much snow as in the past but it brought enough to keep the roads closed for a little longer than normal. The US Forest Service and Town of Mammoth Lakes will be working cooperatively to provide vehicle access to the Lakes Basin and open recreation facilities as quickly as possible. They are looking for a projected opening of the 25th of May just in time for the… Read more.

Indigenous Indians of the Eastern Sierra Mountain Range

The Paiute Indians of California have been part of the fabric of the Eastern Sierra Mountain area for eons. They once made their living by hunting and gathering and by irrigating lands in order to support edible plants. Today, more than 2,000 Paiute Indians still live in the Mammoth Lakes region. The western United States was once home to a vast variety of Native American tribes and many descendants of those tribes still live in… Read more.

Snowmobiling in the Eastern Sierras

I purchased my first snowmobile (Sled) in 2005 and am still riding it. Some years I am almost never off of it and some years I never even take it out of storage. In order to ride you need snow, a lot of snow, the more the merrier. There is no such thing as too much snow. Major storms might cause you to wait for the snow to pack down but once it does, wow!… Read more.

Snow Removal Service in Mammoth Lakes

The pros and cons of hiring a Snow Removal Service in Mammoth: I’m staring at a foot of snow on the driveway that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It is heavy, wet and sticky and it’s a challenge that I have (foolishly) given myself. We did not hire a snow removal service this year.  For the past three winters we have paid, what seemed at the time, a reasonable amount to have a bobcat come… Read more.

2015 Kamikaze Bike Games

I am a compulsive volunteer. I work half marathons, Triathlons, Century Bike Rides, and disabled sports in both winter and summer. This year I had a little extra time so I volunteered to work the Kamikaze Bike Games staged here by Mammoth Mountain Ski Are. I worked in both reception and as a course marshal. The experience was a real eye opener to me. There were over 740  riders who entered some participating in multiple… Read more.

Fall in Mammoth Lakes

  As excited as I am for snow, I wasn’t so excited when it decided to mess with my plans for outdoor family photos. Every other year, in the fall, we get our family portraits done to capture the fall colors. So we planned to take our family photos with JoAnna Forsythe on Saturday. As Saturday approached, so did the threat of a storm. We rescheduled for Tuesday, and as Tuesday approached, so did another storm…. Read more.

El Niño Coming to Mammoth Mountain

Here in Mammoth Lakes, CA, there is lots of talk about El Niño this year.  And every time there’s an El Niño, there’s anticipation of a great winter with lots of powder days and epic stories.   El Niño is famous for disrupting normal weather patterns all over the world as a result of warmer than normal ocean temperatures in the Pacific. This brings rise to a greater than normal probability of monsoon like rains along… Read more.

Mammoth, Me, and the Black Bear

I have lived in Mammoth Lakes now for 20 years and every Spring I look forward to seeing Black Bears and their cubs. You really never know when or where they will appear, when they do, it is very exciting and you almost never have a camera handy. Only Black Bears now live in California. The last Brown Bear was shot in the 1920s. It is ironic that the Grizzly Bear is the featured symbol on… Read more.

Understanding Water Damage Hazards in Mammoth Lakes

Water damage to your property can be costly, and it occurs quite often here in Mammoth.  Our winter climate is much to blame, but also the fact the many properties are frequently unoccupied. The most common causes of water damage are caused by: – Frozen pipes – Appliance failure – Ice dams forming on the roof eves Water damage from frozen pipes is common and costly here in Mammoth. Water pipes which are inadequately protected… Read more.