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Resort Property Realty, Inc… delivering Mammoth’s finest “Propportunities™” for over 8 years!

This week, Resort Property Realty is celebrating our 200th Volume of our biweekly featured Propportunities™, and we thought this would be a great time to reflect on not only what makes a great “Propportunity”, but also on the last 8 years of our business.  Starting a real estate business during the Great Recession has had its ups and downs, but Resort Property Realty has managed to stay successful through them all. So, you may be… Read more.

Mammoth Lakes First-Time Home Buyer

Now that I have been working and living in Mammoth Lakes fulltime for almost fourteen years, I’ve see a full real estate cycle, the Village at Mammoth be built, Chair 9 transition from a slow fixed grip two-seater to a six-pack flying couch, and records winters of both the most and the least snowfall ever!  But I’ve also seen the younger locals (Gen X, and now even some Millennials) do one of two things: Flee… Read more.

Pricing Your Home Right in Mammoth Lakes – It’s Important!

Are you thinking of selling your Mammoth home or condominium?  When working with potential sellers, one of the biggest questions I get is “What are you going to do to sell my house?”  Sellers often ask about print and internet advertising, open houses, exposure to buyers, staging, and many other things.  And sure, having your home advertised on Zillow or Trulia will certainly help expose it to hundreds (if not thousands) of buyers, I always… Read more.

Own Your Mammoth Lakes Dream Home & Make Money Using VRBO & AirBnB

There is a growing trend in the hospitality industry that’s changing how people travel and turning the tourism business upside down:  AirBnB and VRBO.  Travelers love them; hoteliers hate them.  They aren’t going anywhere, especially with many CAP rates coming in higher on residential rentals vs. commercial properties.  So how does a person buy their dream vacation home, use it occasionally, make money and manage the renters? Here in Mammoth Lakes, we enjoy year round… Read more.

Renaissance of the Sierra Center Mall in Mammoth Lakes

There are three restaurants to choose from each with their own specialties: 1) Delicious Kitchen is known for their BBQ and this year’s winner of the Chili Cook Off. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7am to 9pm, 7-days a week. 2) Food Cache Cafe, winner of the best burger they also make some pretty good shakes, smoothies, and juices. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 9am to 8pm, 7-days a week. 3) Mamas Kitchen… Read more.

From Mammoth Lakes, CA to Beatty, NV

For those of you that know where Beatty, Nevada is, I’m guessing that the first thing that comes to mind for most is the huge candy store you pass: Death Valley Nut & Candy Co.  Or perhaps you think of Beatty as the east entrance to Death Valley.  Or perhaps it’s just a place for you to get some gas to and from your road trips to Las Vegas. Well for me, and thanks to… Read more.

Getting Ready for Winter in Mammoth Lakes

I’m going to get ready for winter… no really! It happens around the same time every year in the Eastern Sierra summer nights start getting longer and little cooler the morning walk is nice and  crisp. Fall is in the air and before you know it winter is upon us. Every year we say to ourselves “next year I’m going to be ready” and here we are it’s time to get it done. So where… Read more.

If you lived here, you’d be home by now!

If you lived here, you’d be home by now (even if it’s part time)! There are many ways to experience Mammoth Lakes. Some people camp or stay in trailers. Some prefer to stay in a condo or hotel for the duration of their visit. Many people who have been enjoying Mammoth for a long time and have come to know it well, begin to wonder what it might be like to have their very own home or… Read more.

Duck Lake Trail

One of my favorites and regular hikes this time of year is the Duck Lake Trail. Not only does this hike offer some of the most spectacular views, it has ever changing scenery that keeps you engaged and amazed throughout your hike. Starting out at the Coldwater Campground at the south end of the parking area, the trailhead begins at a 9,120 feet in elevation.  It’s a quick climb that may have you stopping to… Read more.

Summertime in Mammoth

Summertime in Mammoth Lakes is a truly special experience. Ask any local and they’ll gladly tell you what a welcome contrast summer brings here even after a great ski season.  In the past, Mammoth was always known for being a spectacular destination for skiing and winter sports. Over the years Mammoth’s reputation for it’s magical and intoxicating summer has grown and more people have discovered how incredible it is to be here this time of… Read more.