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Halloween Activities in Mammoth Lakes

This Halloween (Oct 31st, 2012) there are a lot of fun events to attend in and around Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth Halloween Carnival Mammoth Haunted House Mammoth Haunted Skating Rink June Lake Haunted House Safety Tips Halloween Carnival The Children’s Halloween Carnival will take place Friday, October 26, 2012 from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. at The Village at Mammoth. Because Halloween falls on a Wednesday we will be celebrating the Friday before. Set time aside now… Read more.

Preparing For Winter In Mammoth Lakes, CA

Home Preparations Shrub Control & Pruning: This is the time to prune back shrubs, bushes and trees. If you are one of the lucky people who owns a condominium, you probably wont have to worry about doing the yard work yourself. If you are a homeowner, make sure you have all the right tools, and be safe. If you want to save some time and effort contact a Mammoth Lakes Landscaping Company for help. Drain… Read more.

5 Big Mistakes Sellers Make

In the current real estate market and economy it can be difficult to sell a home. If you are not careful, you could make it even more difficult by making some of the mistakes listed below. A seller doesn’t control the Mammoth real estate market, but your actions can significantly contribute to how long and how much their home is sold for. Below we will discuss some of the biggest mistakes sellers make and we… Read more.

Fall Colors in Mammoth Lakes, CA

The seasons are changing yet again in Mammoth. The days are still warm but the nights are getting cold and crisp. But the most noticeable sign that the seasons are changing is the of course the leaves. People come from all around to visit the Mammoth area in the Fall to enjoy the beautiful foliage. In addition to taking in the majestic scenery other activities are bountiful. Trout fishing season goes long into fall, right… Read more.

Top 10 Mammoth Real Estate Selling Points

The Mammoth Times recently posted an article about dream homes asking their readers which features would be present in their dream home. They compiled a list of the most popular real estate wishlist items in 2011 from Nudura, a leading firm in building technology. Some of the items on the list are obvious to most, but others may be a surprise to some.   Curb Appeal: Your homes exterior appearance is one of the biggest… Read more.

Flights from Mammoth to Seattle

As I write these very words I am sitting in downtown Seattle.  Seattle is an area and city that I only get the opportunity to visit every few years, but when I do, I’m instantly reminded of why I enjoy doing so.  Seattle has a culture and style to it that I’ve never really found anywhere else on the west coast.  San Francisco would perhaps be a close second, but I still feel that the… Read more.

Backpacking in the Eastern Sierra

This summer has been one of the longest I’ve been able to experience since I moved to Mammoth almost seven years ago. With warmer than usual temperatures, and hiking trails open early this season due to the little snow fall that Mammoth Mountain got this last winter, backpacking has been an ever so popular adventure for many. I had never been backpacking in the Eastern Sierra until this summer, and now that I’ve gone with… Read more.

Autumn Golfing In Mammoth

Snowcreek Resort The Golf Season in Mammoth Lakes, CA is coming to an end. We hope you had a chance to enjoy the weather and the golf courses, Snowcreek in particular. Even though it is still nice weather in Mammoth at this point they need to start preparing for Winter. Snowcreeks Golf Course will remain open until October 8th so get out there and enjoy the course this season while you still can. For these… Read more.

Mammoth Condo Fees (HOA’s)

Many past home buyers have asked us why HOA dues and Condo Fees seem to be higher in Mammoth Lakes than other cities in California. We would like to take this opportunity to explain the reasons for higher HOA Dues and Common Area Fees. Snow And Ice Since so much of the Mammoth Real Estate market is made up of condominiums this has become a noticeable issue among potential buyers. There are many reasons for… Read more.

Bristlecone Forest – White Mountains

For over 40 years I have been driving between Southern California and Mammoth Lakes. For the first 3 dozen of those years, I thought the only purpose of California Highway 395 was to see how fast one could travel the route. Recently, I have learned that there are so many hidden treasures along this route that are easily passed when your focus is only on the destination. This week, we headed out for a brief… Read more.