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5 Reasons to get a Family Vacation Home in Mammoth Lakes

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Mammoth Lakes Mountain

Consider getting away to the mountains, where the winters are white and snowy, and the summers are bright and sunny. Mammoth Lakes in northeast California is exactly this: a place of snowy and summery adventure, perfect for a family vacation. There’s numerous things to do to keep a family happy for a whole holiday or even a whole summer, and if that really entices you, maybe enough to warrant a vacation home.

  1. Mammoth Lakes is most known for the ski and snowboard areas on Mammoth Mountain. With lessons for new skiers and snowboarders and trails for the experienced ones, the mountainside is just waiting to be conquered. But the mountain isn’t just limited to skiing and snowboarding, as there’s plenty to do in the ice and snow without that sort of athletics involved. Snow tubing and sledding are activities for the whole family that everyone can get involved in, without the costly rental of skis. There are hiking and driving tours through the snow of the mountain, so everyone can get that scenic snowy mountain view without the ride on the ski lift.
  2. Perhaps your family isn’t looking to visit Mammoth Lakes in the winter. That still works! When the kids are out for summer vacation, there’s still plenty to do out there when the snow is melted and the landscape is green. The Mammoth Lakes area has (unsurprisingly) several lakes for boating and fishing trips. The snowy trails from the winter are green and bright, and maybe a little more pleasant, to trek in summer months. Mammoth Mountain even has gondola rides for scenic views over a summer sunset. For even more attraction, at the top of the gondola is the Sierra Interpretive Center, where the whole family can learn about the area and its natural history.
  3. Though not quite a draw for Mammoth Lakes, there’s plenty of things to do in Reno, just a day trip away. Reno has some famous museums like the National Automobile Museum, which boasts a collection of over 200 vehicles from the dawn of cars to celebrity cars. The Nevada Museum of Art and the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum also make their homes in Reno, with the latter designed specifically for family adventures. The Wells Discovery Museum bills itself as a hands-on science museum, perfect for inquisitive young minds and their equally inquisitive hands. Just outside of town is the Animal Ark, an animal sanctuary allowing visitors into it through most of the year. Populated by some of the more exotic animals of North America, it’s a great destination for an outdoor family picnic. Lake Tahoe is a ways farther from Reno, but worth the trip out there just for the view itself. If you’re not quite looking for an educational experience in Reno, there’s still plenty to do. The Casino at the Eldorado is one of the best rated in the city, though you’ll have to leave the kids at home for this adventure. It’s open all day and night, and if you get bored there’s plenty of other casinos in town, with shows and other entertainment when the thrill of gambling has run its course.
  4. Another destination not-so-much in Mammoth Lake as it is a day trip out of it is Yosemite National Park. Or even longer than a day trip, considering Yosemite is one of the nation’s favorite camping locales. Take a hike with the family across the park and see Glacier Point, or come back after dark to see the skies filled with stars in an area with no light pollution. The park borders the Sequoia National Forest, another possible destination for you and the family while you explore the greatest of the nation’s parks. Yosemite even has indoor activities for when nature becomes a little too much, such as crafts days at the Yosemite Arts Center or the park’s own museum.
  5. If you’re not feeling the call to adventure on your vacation in Mammoth Lakes, there’s still the Village at Mammoth. Filled with plenty of stores and restaurants, the village is quiet and calm but unique enough to keep your interests piqued. You can grab all the standard souvenirs and vacation mementos here, and taste the local flavor. There’s even an old-fashioned general store to really sell the frontier, rustic feel of a mountain village. There’s even a local realtor, just to entice you further into making your vacation in Mammoth Lakes a little more regular.


Mammoth Lakes is a place for adventure and relaxation fit for any family. It’s positioned perfectly near the nation’s greatest national park and its famous Biggest Little City, Reno. The scenic mountain views and snowy slopes are breathtaking to behold. It has the quaint mountain town feel with the prospect of adventure in nearly everything you can do there.

Written by Jeremy Alderman

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